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Invest in May then Go Away!

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Get ready for the deluge of earnings reports this week; It should be very interesting. Does the old saying "invest in May then go away" still holds some sway with investor's behavior. I think this year could be different based on three developments.

  • Fed's unwinding of QE2 that occurred during the Financial Crisis.
  • Stocks are trading at a premium relative to the PE ratio of  the S&P 500.
  • An administration mired in controversy, that can't get any major legislation through Congress.

We suggest that investors continue to look for value and growth and tweak their portfolios accordingly. We continue to find value and growth opportunities in the markets with a focus on technology and biotech issues. Oil and Gas, although down substantially over the last 3years may have great value for the patient investor if they can figure out the right global demand mix of energy (wind, solar, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power).

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