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This Pool is Closed as of 12/28/2017!!

UCS Media Content & Technology 103

This Pool is Closed!!

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How to Subscribe to the Pool

UCS Media Content & Technology 103
Maximum Pool Size: $25,000

Current Pool Size: $13,000

Pending Trading Date:  5/01/2017
Approximate Liquidation date: 07/17/2017
Average Share Price of Positions in the Pool: $21.49

Net Asset Value Per Share: $1.09

Current Value of Pool: $10,887.36

Bid: $1.09    Offer: $1.19

Last updated on: 02/18/2018based on 12/29/2017 Prices

Pool status: Closed

Current Return: -19.37%

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Welcome to the Daily Hunt

Why Subscribe to this Pool?

Content is still 'King' but having enough bandwidth, spectrum and infrastructure is the Currency.  This investment space is changing by the seconds, as companies define how we view and use content in the form of  traditional TV, Cable, Movies, Music and Video. Years ago companies made a big push to move from the slower copper infrastructure to faster digital infrastructure like fiber optics, which now define what and how much they can push to the consumer and what we as consumers use. The results are companies like Hulu, VUDO, Netflix and the Cable companies that all want to dominate this space. Who will be the next "King of the Hill" in this space. Only time will tell!

What is in the Pool?

AVX Corp, Beasley Broadcast Group, Comcast Corp Class A, Cumulus Media Inc., Leju Holdings, Level 3 Communications, Net Element, NTN BuzzTime, O2Micro Intl ADR, Sirius XM Holdings, Time Warner, Videocon D2H, Globalstar Inc,