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UCS Bitcoin & Bitchain Pool 105

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Who haven't heard of the Bitcoin & Blockchain phenomenon. Its time to take a look at the crypto-currency global movement. Wouldn't you have loved to own a Bitcoin when it was only trading for 5 cents?  Bitcoin isn't universally accepted yet, the price of a Bitcoin is highly volatile, and the Bitcoin wallet can be lost. Yet, the Bitcoin/Blockchain crypto-currency movement is here to stay.  Bitcoin transactions have few or no fees, all information is transparent and available in a public ledger known as a Blockchain, and identifying information is anonymous. Yes virtual currencies are still in their infancy stages but many initial investors have already struck it Rich and you can too.

What is in the Pool?

Alphabet, Seagate Technology, Square Inc, Globant SA, Advanced Micro, Energous Corp, Qualcomm Corp, Intergrated Device Tech, Proctor & Gamble, GBTC, Texas Instruments, Nvidia Corp.

**Each Pool is built from the ground up using our in-house proprietary modeling techniques combined with serious investment valuation of each position allowing us to build, trade and execute a winning strategy in the most volatile of markets. Each Pool's portfolio is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), or mean-variance analysis. Our models use Monte Carlo Sampling to find the best fit for each Pool.The Pools are recalibrated every 30 days. Call us @ 1-866-801-3359, if you would like to discuss or speak with a trader on any of our Pool offerings or email Customer Service with your questions.

UCS Bitcoin/BlockChain
Maximum Pool Size: $25,000

Current Pool Size: $12,000

Pending Trading Date:  Currently Trading
Approximate Liquidation date: 8/17/2017
Average Share Price of Positions in the Pool: $112.41

Net Asset Value Per Share: $1.61

Current Value of Pool: $16073.74

Bid: $1.61    Offer: $1.71

Last updated on: 6/06/2017

Pool status: Open for Subscriptions


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