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Under a Trump administration, large industrial stocks should benefit the most. The Trump's administration pledge on cutting taxes and spending massive amount of money on infrastructure  will give stocks like these a huge boost next year.

UCS Industrial & Telecom- Get PAID Pool 33
Maximum Pool Size: $10,000
Pending Trading Date:  12/08/2016
Approximate Liquidation date: 03/13/2017- This Pool closes in 8 days
Average Share Price: $71.56

Net Asset Value Per Share: $1.28

Current Value of Pool: $6404.62

Bid: $1.28     Offer: $1.28

Last updated on: 0412/2017, 12:30 pm

Performance to date: 16%

Status: *** This Pool is officially Closed**

**Each Pool is built from the ground up using our in-house proprietary modeling techniques combined with serious investment valuation of each position allowing us to build, trade and execute a winning strategy in the most volatile of markets. Each Pool's portfolio is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), or mean-variance analysis. Our models use Monte Carlo Sampling to find the best fit for each Pool. The Pools are recalibrated every 30 days. Call us @ 1-866-801-3359, if you would like to discuss or speak with a trader on any of our Pool offerings or email Customer Service with your questions.

What is in the Pool?

Danaher Corp, Verizon,  Broadcom Ltd, Walgreens Boots/ Allicance, Nividia, Pfizer, Monsanto, Intercontinental Hotels

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*** This Pool is officially closed***

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