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Biotech stocks along with ETFs in the sector have generated large returns in 2016, producing double-digit gains which could help boost the returns of 401(k)s and IRAs.
Investors seeking to get greater yields or to increase diversification in their retirement portfolios should examine the health care sector as a hedge against

***This Pool is Officially Closed**

Moleculin Biotech Inc., Galectin Therapeutics Inc., Tokai Pharmaceuticals, China Cord Blood, Diprexium Pharma, Akebia Pharma, Merus BV 

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UCS Biotech/Pharma Pool- CURE 111
Maximum Pool Size: $25,000
Pending Trading Date:  1/15/2017
Liquidation date: 03/07/2017
Average Share Price of Positions in the Pool: $13.80

Net Asset Value Per Share: $0.80

Current Value of Pool: $7800.72

Bid: $0.8078    Offer: $0.858

Last updated on: 03/07/2017

**This Pool is Officially Closed**!!!

**Each Pool is built from the ground up using our in-house proprietary modeling techniques combined with serious investment valuation of each position allowing us to build, trade and execute a winning strategy in the most volatile of markets. Each Pool's portfolio is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), or mean-variance analysis. Our models use Monte Carlo Sampling to find the best fit for each Pool.The Pools are recalibrated every 30 days. Call us @ 1-866-801-3359, if you would like to discuss or speak with a trader on any of our Pool offerings or email Customer Service with your questions.

UCS Biotech/Pharma- Cure Pool 111

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