SEP 5425

Open one of our low cost SEP/IRA Account today for your business and receive the first 10 trades free.

Description: This SEP/IRA account is designed to give you an average annual return of 19%. The SEPs portfolio is a combination of exchange-traded funds and fast moving fantastic growth stock in sthe technology sector. The portfolio is rebalanced every 90 days for maximum efficiency. Poor performers are replaced with companies that continually maintains the portfolio annual return of 19%.

Tax Benefits: A SEP is a type of IRA plan that is easy to set up and maintain. An employer may contribute up to 25% of compensation but no more than $53000 for 2015, 2016. The amount grows tax-deferred.

Contributions: Employer can decide whether to make contributions year to year.

Trading fees: None for the first year.

Account Opening fees: $150 frst month.

Annual Maintenance fees: None.

We can help you every step of the way. A specialist can answer all of your questions and see you through the entire process.  Call 1-866-801-3359 to start the process. It's Easy and Simple. Mention 5425 when you call.


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