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We are industry focused advisors that focus on Energy and Technology companies that have the potential to deliver
top returns on capital for investors and investments that deliver tax efficient healthy returns. The old saying,
"Jack of all trades and master of none", does not apply to us. We focus on industries that we believe
will define how the global economy performs over the next 30 years. We believe that by focusing on industries that have tremendous growth potential, will allow us to find and
allocate capital efficiently among the most profitable companies and allow our investors to make the
highest return on investment capital possible.

  • Tax Efficient Trading
  • Dividend/Arbitrage Trading
  • Trading Structures
  • Tax Strategies
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Retirement Assessments
  • Generational & Estate Tax Planning Strategies
  • Transaction Management
  • Customized Portfolio Planning

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As investment valuation experts, we combine our knowledge of the marketplace and risk analysis, combined with
technical and fundamental analysis which allows us to find the right optimized portfolio for each investor
based on their needs.  Portfolios can be purchased in $5,000 to $100,000 increments with break points provided
for portfolio amounts over $1 million dollars.